Get the insights into your business you’ve always wanted.

Have the right dials to turn, and know when you need to turn them.

Every time we meet with a new business, we rediscover (together) the power of having the right information at your fingertips. Too many businesses are trying to grow with an anvil tied around their legs because they don’t know how to spot financial problems BEFORE they become a catastrophe — or they are missing out on real chances for rapid growth … simply because they were blind to the data that would have shown them the way.

Too many business owners are evaluating their success by “what’s in the bank” instead of what is possible when you have a true expert in your corner.

Bookkeeping you can rely upon

Whatever your software (even if it’s Excel!) you need to have a system for categorizing expenses … not only so you can see what’s actually happening — but so you can capture all of the tax savings now available to business owners (if only they knew about them).

Payroll: Handled without pain

Discover the peace of mind that is possible in knowing your payrolls are done RIGHT (and a team in your corner if your software ever blows it).

Tax-Integrated Strategy

It’s one thing to have clear P/L’s … it’s an entirely different thing to optimize your financial systems so that you are capturing every legal, and ethical deduction available to you and your business.

The right advice, at the right time

It doesn’t help to have your accountant tell you that you are running in the red — after you’ve buried yourself in debt. Or that a particular product/service category is booming — after you’ve finished your sales cycle. Let us point you where you need to go.

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An Accounting Methods Rundown for Orlando Businesses

An Accounting Methods Rundown for Orlando Businesses

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Customer Stories

J. Tamayo

Premier Tax prep is an excellent and professional team. I have been doing my personal and business taxes with them for over 6 years now. They are thorough and knowledgeable. I highly recommend their services.

Fitsum Berhane

Very professional, right person for tax and IRS issues; unselfish, doesn't even ask for money until he gets the job done. You don't see that in today's world. And whatever he charges is very minimal and uncomparable to what others charge out there. I would 110% recommend Al to anyone who needs help with accounting and taxes. I really appreciate your service and help, Al.

Sixto Velasco

I'm a new business owner and was in desperate need of consulting to get started. Al helped helped me feel much better by answering all of my questions and concerns in detail. He also gave me advice and recommended great ideas on how to structure my business. Al is very professional, knowledgeable and really cares to help. I recommend Al and Premier Accounting & Tax for your accounting and tax needs. Thanks Al! Look forward to continuing to work with you as my business grows.

Elizabeth Stolz

If you want a painless, effortless, quick personal tax experience--Premier Accounting and Tax is your place to go. I called and made an appointment with Al at Premier Accounting and Tax a few days ahead, and he was ready to go when I arrived. Premier Accounting and Tax primarily works with businesses, but they are happy to take on personal taxes as well.

In my experience, having someone do your taxes can take a few days, if not a few weeks, and can be expensive, even for the most simple filings.

Al encouraged me to stick around while he did my taxes, and within one hour, he had them finished and filed. My taxes are not excessively complicated, but I do have some weird stock holdings, and this year I purchased a house, so I felt like they weren't necessarily straightforward, either. Al walked me through exactly what he was filing, how it worked, and why I owed what I did to the government.

Al was kind, informative, and overall had a very positive demeanor that made him a pleasure to work with. Next time I need assistance with my taxes, I absolutely will be going back to him and Premier Accounting and Tax!

Gary Olson

I’ve been with Al over 10 years now and he does a great job for me . He is always very quick to take my calls and emails. One year I was audited and he was there side by side helping me get through this situation ( we won). His fees are more than reasonable. He is very professional but also fun. I highly recommend Al Desai from Premiere Accounting and Tax

Brad Case

Al has been my accountant for over 20 years. Whenever I call the office, no matter what type of Tax or Accounting questions I have, Al or Ana always have the answers I need. That's why I will always use the "A" team! I always know that they will give me the right advice. If you need an accounting team they are the right choice.

Rich Celenza

Most people know Al Desai as the owner of Premier Accounting & Tax located in Orlando Florida! But I'm here to tell you I have known Al Desai for over 25 years, and I can say with all sincerity he is one of the most honest men I've ever worked with. Besides being an incredible accountant, what most people may not know is how brilliant and dedicated he truly is to his craft. Al is much more than just a "pencil pusher". He is someone who is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to services that include Taxation, Buying or Selling a Buinsess, Financial Analysis, Retirement Planning and so much more. Al is also someone who not only help his clients when it comes to their accounting & tax needs, he protects them. If you're someone in need of a premier accountant look no further than Al Desai.

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